* The Brembo Gran Turismo Drilled Brake System is a complete braking kit that’s custom-designed for demanding performance in your vehicle
* Proven and tested against Brembo’s world-leading standards to ensure success in both high-performance and street driving
* Brembo Gran Turismo Drilled Brake Systems provide high-speed braking performance time after time by constantly keeping the performance pad surface fresh
* Engineered with a floating disc mounting system and a billet aluminum hat to reduce “unsprung weight” for lower temperatures, better handling and diminished heat-related stress
* Brembo Gran Turismo Brakes’ floating disc design also contributes to braking power and enhances pedal feel
* Includes all parts for a complete braking rebuild: cross-drilled discs, aluminum calipers, braided stainless steel brake lines, long-lasting aggressive-performance pads and pre-torqued aircraft-quality hardware
* Brembo Gran Turismo Drilled Brake Systems are built lightweight for maximum overall vehicle performance
* Integrated directional vane design vacuums heat out and away from the braking system for part life and performance gains
* Brembo Gran Turismo Brake Systems use four, six or eight-piston cast aluminum calipers (depending on your vehicle) that provide maximum braking force without the flex of sliding calipers
* A selection of four Brembo caliper colors is available: Red, Black, Yellow and Silver
* Brembo Brakes are fully compatible with the stock master cylinder and ABS components
* Installation time totals 1-1.5 hours per axle on most vehicles; 4WD vehicles may take longer for switching out the knuckles with included high-performance replacements
* Brembo Gran Turismo Brakes from AutoAnything ship pre-assembled where possible for smooth installation (see note below)
* Sold in front and rear pairs when available
* Backed by a 2-year warranty
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Brembo Brake Kits play the leading role in brake kits, system and parts manufacturing. Its history goes back to 1961. The place of Brembo Brake Kits birth was Bergamo, Italy. In order to deal with customer needs in 1980’s in Canada, the USA and Mexico Brembo opened Brembo North America. The process of opening was connected with the growth of customer need. The superior standards of Brembo Brake Kits takes the first place among other competitors. It is famous for its technological advances and high quality standards.

Many sportsmen throughout the world prefer using Brembo Brake Kits as one of the best one. Sport teams such as CART, Formula 1, FIA World Rally, Superbike, Grand Prix and NASCAR choose Brembo Brake Kits for its luck. They won lots of races with its help. Brembo Brake Kits has an innovative thinking that allows all these extreme conditions to have a better test, improve products and monitor them. Brembo manufactory brake components and elements for such leading companies as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Fords Mustang Cobra and the Dodge Viper. Brembo has its own laboratory setting.
Brembo Brake Kits are known in the world as a complete kit. They can be quickly installed on your stock vehicle. Carbon cast iron with slotted and drilled patterns is used in the process of Brembo’s brake rotors making. Pad compounds of a high friction with several options and calipers are offered by Brembo Brake Kits’ brake pads and they are used as a compliment of your brake system. Brembo Brake Kits’ aim is to make your vehicle’s characteristics better and more improved. Each driver used Brembo Brake Kits is given an enhanced experience with the help of braking system. The Brembo Sport Brake System and the Gran Turismo Brake System are the proven kits.

The sport package of Brembo Sport Kit include drilled or slotted integral disc with the high quality brake pads’ set. The best OEM replacement product as the element of this sport package has always specs and tolerances of vehicle manufacturer’s. Brembo Brake Kits are famous for its easy installation of wheels, stock calipers and other chassis parts. Depending on the model of vehicle and specific manufacturer rotor size and Brake calipers’ size could be different. If you need in everyday driving, street or track performance an ability of extreme stopping the Brembo Gran Turismo Brake System is all that you need. To bolt onto the original suspension is the aim of this system. This system has some in common with ABS system. It is compatible for the master cylinder as in ABS system. Due to the demand of front brakes it was made for front brake systems. To complete the best position of your vehicle rear brake systems were added as the necessary elements. Aluminum is that material from which the calipers are made. You can purchase brake rotors as one or two pieces, brake lines that are made of a top quality with a braided stainless steel that can be used at any extreme condition and used with hardware and mounting brackets, brake pads. All that elements were made to make better the quality of the parts it holds. The sizes of rotor and brake calipers depend on the technical characteristic of your vehicle and the specific of the manufacturer. Brake calipers of the Gran Turismo are used in different colors. These colors are red, black and silver. To provide with stop rust and protect against corrosion the brake disk is used with a coating. Nevertheless it offers a pretty appearance that is very necessary.

Brembo Brake Kits and systems are popular in each corner of the world. It has great opportunities for each street vehicle. Though, it has a great popularity among racing community. With Brembo Brake Kits the dreams of your vehicle and your dreams will come true. Brembo Brake Kits can improve the breaking capacity of your ordinary or sport vehicle. It has in its priority the breaking system that will change your vehicle and make your everyday mood better. Brembo Brake Kits will always take the leading position among others.

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